Kildare Chamber Awards – Overall Sponsors

EirGrid develops, manages and operates Ireland’s electricity grid. It is responsible for safe, secure and reliable supply of the country’s electricity, and is also leading the secure transition to a sustainable low-carbon future.
The grid brings power from where it is generated to where it is needed nationwide. It supplies those resources directly to industry and businesses which use large amounts of electricity. The grid also brings power from generators to the domestic network, thus supplying the electricity you use every day in homes, businesses, schools and hospitals.

This critical infrastructure supports the current development of our society and economy. Just as importantly, work presently being carried out to improve the grid will help to create a more sustainable world for future generations. Projects such as the Kildare-Meath Grid Upgrade are key in that regard, and feature a high-capacity underground cable which will connect Dunstown substation in Kildare and Woodland substation in Meath. When complete, the upgrade will help to more effectively transfer power to the east of the country and distribute it within the electricity network.